Enforex Madrid

Enforex Madrid


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During 20 years we have sent more than 5000 students to learn languages or continue their studies abroad.

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More than 300 accredited schools worldwide.

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Tel.: +34 912 66 18 55, WhatsApp: +34 605 44 22 79

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NOTE: Arrival on Sunday, departure on Saturday

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Enforex Madrid


Embark on an unforgettable journey to learn Spanish in Madrid with Enforex. Nestled in the vibrant district of Argüelles, our school sits at the heart of the Spanish capital, offering an unparalleled learning experience. Located opposite the university and just minutes away from the bustling Malasaña district and Plaza de España, our prime location ensures you're immersed in Madrid's rich culture and history.

Our recently renovated two-story building provides the perfect setting to learn Spanish in Madrid. With 40 spacious, fully air-conditioned classrooms, a modern library, a video room, and complimentary internet access, you'll have everything you need for an enriching learning experience. After class, unwind in one of our three cozy student lounges or soak up the sunshine in the nearby public park. Immerse yourself in Madrid's vibrant social scene by exploring the array of cafés, restaurants, bars, and live music venues in Malasaña, where you can mingle with Spanish university students and locals alike.

Experience the charm of Spain's capital as you delve into its culture, history, and gastronomy while honing your Spanish language skills. With most accommodation options just a short walk from our campus, convenience is at your fingertips, allowing you to make the most of your time in Madrid.

Minimum student age: 14 years old
Schedule: 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.*
*All schools open at 8 a.m. on Mondays for new students who need to take the placement test.

Discover our language school in Madrid, situated in the bustling university district, offering proximity to iconic landmarks and attractions. Explore the vibrant streets leading to Gran Vía, indulge in Madrid's diverse cultural scene, and immerse yourself in the essence of Spanish language and culture.

Experience the unparalleled energy and passion that pulsates through Madrid's streets, where every corner tells a story waiting to be discovered. Join us at Enforex and unlock the vibrant spirit of Madrid while mastering the Spanish language.

Located in Argüelles/Moncloa, the heart of downtown Madrid
A 5-minute walk from the University and Plaza de España
Just 10 minutes away from Malasaña, renowned for its lively atmosphere and dining scene
Accessible via Metro stops: San Bernardo and Argüelles
Convenient access to 9 bus lines right near the school


Exclusive Terra Study discount of 30% off school prices plus every 5th week is a holiday week that significantly reduces the overall cost and study load. Enforex is the largest network of Spanish language schools with the strongest teachers and branches in all major cities in Spain. 

36 weeks (28 weeks of course + 8 weeks of holidays)
school registration fee 35 euros + 45 euros for a book set per level
Intensive 20 hours per week 4732 euros
Minus Terra Study discount - 1420 euros
Total 3392 euros

48 weeks (38 weeks of course + 10 weeks of holidays)
school registration fee 35 euros + 45 euros for a book set per level
Intensive 20 hours per week 6422 euros
Minus Terra Study discount - 1927 euros
Total 4575 euros

52 weeks (42 weeks of course + 10 weeks of holidays)
school registration fee 35 euros + 45 euros for a book set per level
Intensive 20 hours per week 7098 euros
Minus Terra Study discount - 2129 euros
Total 5049 euros

To book a course, you need to select the intensive course and number of weeks in the calculator and then fill out the application form.

During the course, students can change cities where there are Enforex branches at no extra cost. Thus, there is a unique opportunity to study in different regions of Spain under a single study plan.

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The Intensive & Super Intensive Courses are the classic Enforex programs. You will work on every language skill plus learn about Spanish language cultures with 5 extra linguistic/cultural workshop per week (+5). These workshops and conversation classes cover various aspects of Spanish & Latin American culture and civilisation and include workshops of Culture, Press, Cinema, Creative Writing, Pronunciation, Gastronomy, Folklore, Games, Conversation and many more. The Intensive program is available at all 6 levels, with each level divided into subgroups to make sure you’re placed exactly where you should be.

This long duration Intensive, Intensive+ or Super Intensive+ Spanish immersion course allows you to improve your language skills with the added advantage of becoming thoroughly acquainted with Spanish life and customs. This program provides you with an extended period time during which you will be participating in day-to-day activities with native speakers while growing increasingly aware of Spain’s current cultural, financial and political situation, both domestically and in relation to the rest of the world.

Do you want to acquire Spanish skills to last a lifetime? Are you interested in using Spanish in your academic or professional career? If so, the Semester or Academic Year program is your best bet. By the end of the program, you will vastly improve your language skills, as well as possess an in-depth understanding of Spanish culture. Minimum duration is 24 continuous weeks (6 months).

Tailor-design the best curriculum for your needs and desires! If you want to optimize your study time and enjoy a fully personalized method of teaching, this course is the best option.

The minimum duration is one 55-minute class per week (except in Málaga, Cádiz & Tenerife) and you can decide the schedule and content of the program. Within a short period of time, you will begin to learn Spanish through an individualized course of study in grammar, speaking, listening, reading, writing and vocabulary.

The DELE (Diploma for Spanish as a Foreign Language) is the only official certificate for foreign students recognized by the Instituto Cervantes. This diploma is an invaluable asset for students who wish to study at Spanish universities or would like to work in a Spanish-speaking country.
This course is designed to prepare you to pass the DELE exam at any of its 6 levels.

This course is specifically tailored to the needs of students who are looking to study at University in Spain, who need to improve their level sufficiently to be able to study both effectively and competently and who require assistance with their University application.

The 6 or 9-month course, 24 and 36 weeks respectively, is available at different locations across Spain with 20 Spanish lessons per week along with 5 cultural lessons, allowing the student to have a well-rounded knowledge of Spain and its unique culture as well as the written and spoken language. Cultural lessons can vary from art to literature and history to cinema to truly open up Spanish culture to students.

This special University Placement program is available to both those with a knowledge of Spanish and those who are beginners to the language and Enforex will assist you in your application to study at a Spanish University, whether your choice be a public or private University in Spain.

Our Academic Spanish Courses are designed for students who have already reached an intermediate to advanced level of Spanish and can express themselves comfortably in everyday situations.

The literature, history and art courses are complemented by extra-curricular activities including visits to museums and other cultural centers, always accompanied by an ENFOREX instructor.

The earlier you start learning Spanish, the better! We encourage students as young as 5 years old to come discover Spain and take a Spanish immersion course.

These programs offer the unique opportunity for youngsters to expand their cultural horizons and get on the road to becoming bilingual.

The demand for learning Spanish has more than doubled in the last 10 years and in 15 years there will be 500 million Spanish speakers in the world. As a result, business negotiations and trade agreements in both hemispheres hinge more and more on the economic importance of Spanish. It is now one of the most prominent languages in international business and political meetings and is an official language in the EU, MERCOSUR, UNESCO, the UN, GATT, ONUDI & U.I.T.

Additionally, the increasing number of Spanish speakers in the U.S. has made it crucial to a variety of professions. Spanish teachers are evermore highly valued and sought-after, while medical professionals face the need for Spanish to communicate with patients on a daily basis.

For all of these reasons, Enforex offers a variety of Spanish Courses for Professionals designed to help you use Spanish in your career. You'll improve your general Spanish skills and, at the same time, acquire the vocabulary and cultural knowledge necessary to feel comfortable speaking and writing about all kinds of professional topics.


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    Una ciudad de mis sueños, escuela muy bien ubicada, barrio de vida loca y gente artística, profesores son todos un encanto. El año que viene me mudo a vivir aqui!!!

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