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¿Por qué Terra Study?

  • We consult our students for free about all questions relating to visas, school choice, accommodation, comfortable flights booking, etc.
  • Prior to your departure and during your stay in school, you can ask us an infinite number of questions of our patience and experience will be enough for everyone.
  • 7% discount - we book a course cheaper then directly prices of foreign schools, with no co-payments and overpayments.
  • Students are advising us more and more schools, we add them to our catalog and make our 7% discount on them.
  • All our services are completely free - student receives a bill from the school in accordance with its tariffs minus our discount.
  • Our experience in organizing trips to language courses is more than 15 years.
  • In the Terra Study catalog you can easily select and book schools around the world. At the moment, we have collected more than 280 schools, 5,000 courses and ten most popular languages. When you already have chosen a school it is enough to make a few clicks and spend only 10 minutes to send us your application.
  • We provide direct links to all our schools, so that you can directly get the fullest information about the course. • La reserva gratuita • Sin costes adicionales


 If you have any doubt, and we were not able to solve them, which is rare, you can enroll through our portal, we will send you an invoice for the course and you will make 100% of the transfer directly to the school. When you begin to study, the school will return our commission, and we in turn will return your discount to your account. This is the least convenient payment method, as a money refund from the school may be a few weeks, and reduces the size of the discount by bank commissions.

7% discount for the language course is available only when it is booked through the portal Terra Study or our e-mail. For the promotion of the courses and student consultations schools pay us a commission, from which we are giving you a discount. Therefore, our services are free to the student. When you contact directly to the school without booking through Terra Study, you may lose your right to a discount because we may lose our commission. 

All students who have sent an application for Terra Study Course automatically receive a 7% discount. During special school events a discount can reach up to 25% of the course, in this case, discounts do not cumulate. Our service does not depend on the discount rate and is always free to our students. When you pay for the course you keep your discount. Schools pay Terra Study Commission for its promotion; in fact it gives us an opportunity to reduce 7% of the course price.

Elección de Escuela

  • Excellent! This is enough for the beginning. Our opinion is that too much attention paid to the choice of schools is not necessary. Of course, this is important, but our catalog already includes the best schools in terms of price\quality. The most important thing is to determine the city - because vacation, travel and new experiences do depend primarily on the city, not on the school walls, magnificent large library or dining room...
  • Many people recommend this or that school, because there are strong teachers, but let's be honest no one knows exactly who will be teaching your group, so why rely on these reviews of the past years. Do not like a teacher or a group level, you will be moved. But to change one boring city to another will be more difficult. Besides, we do screen out schools with negative reviews and do not work more with them.
  • Wonderful :) Now look at the map and choose the school closest to your future place of residence. You should spend a minimum of time on the road. If you plan to reserve the schools resident, it might be or close to the school, or in 30 minutes on foot or by public transport. It is also normal for the big cities.
  • Next, compare the school at prices to suit your budget. Why do schools differ in price? First of all, due to the infrastructure - a lot of classes (this is a significant plus, because then it would be better choice of levels), the presence of a cafe, recreation, libraries and internet rooms.

Finally, pay attention to the accreditation of schools in various specialized associations and federations, both international and local levels. Usually it is important for the consulate in your country. But it is checked out by numerous trips that there are excellent schools without such accreditation.

Elección de Alojamiento

Standard school accommodation: a room in a student apartment, family hostel. More information about these types will be written in the tabs of "Living" in the description of the school.
In short:

  • Family should choose to minors and those who want to immerse themselves in to the language environment and do not want to think about food. In a family it is safely and comfortably. Minus - you always need to remember about other members of the family and you will not have an opportunity to make parties.
  • Room in a student apartment is one of the most ubiquitous variant - the maximum of freedom, a lot of friends and a minimum of comfort. The apartment has a habitual about 4-5 students, shared kitchen, living room, bathroom and toilet. School makes cleaning the apartment and paying the bills. You cook yourself.
  • Student residence especially suitable for those who want an individual living without roommates, but in the center of student life. Residences are always much more expensive than apartments.

Order it in the school. Pluses are more than minuses. First of all, a proven school landlords, any time you can change the housing if there is a reason. You will be living with your classmates – it will be fun and you will have a good practice of other languages. You do not need to worry about cleaning, costs of gas / water / electricity, you will have a kitchen and bathroom with all facilities. Minuses are not so much: you do not choose the location of apartments, rental price usually higher than direct from private owners and sometimes completely dead spree across flats, but as I wrote above, they can be changed.

For long-term courses of six months there are always more advantages to find an apartment or a room over the Internet from private tenants or real estate office. It is important to sign a contract and get a copy of the passport of the landlord to transfer the deposit for accommodation, this minimum you will protect yourself from scams. Contract forms and required documents, we will provide. 

Y muy importante

  • Smile! It's so great to take place your vacation in another country.
  • Be curious! Look for information about schools in the internet, ask around friends and book with us with a discount.
  • Be yourself! You are able to do for yourselves visas and tickets and find accommodation and even book directly from the school course ... but with us you will save on all this! In our opinion, it is better to spend money of a discount for shopping, entertainment and excursions during the study than overpay for clearance. Is not it?
  • If there will be more questions, please write us, have a look together.